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Report and Event


First page of the report with logotypes and title of the reportClick here to download the report.

The project's final deliverable is a report on mapping national and regional financial schemes supporting IP protection in V4 countries, prepared as a result of project activity on identifying "Financial incentives as a tool for improving the V4 innovation ecosystem and enhancing IP protection" by the project consortium.

The report is divided into three main parts. The first part aims to provide general characteristics of the V4 region regarding R&D activities and IP protection. The second part covers national reports (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia) prepared independently by the project partners. Each national report includes an overall description of the national innovation ecosystem and a detailed description of national support schemes, programs and initiatives relevant to R&D support, focusing on financing R&D activities and IP protection, as well as national conclusions and national recommendations. The third part includes joint conclusions and recommendations for improving innovation ecosystems and enhancing technology transfer activities in the V4 region.

Although the goal of the project was not the creation of a financial schemes and incentives database or collection and verification of empirical data regarding existing programmes, by identification and description of financial schemes available in each V4 country, the report should support entities from the region in accessing information important for enhancing the IP protection culture and incentivise IP strategies.

By securing more effective IP protection, regional companies can build a more competitive position and improve their business image and value. Furthermore, the recommendations based on mapping European, national and regional financial schemes, programmes and incentives supporting IP protection should serve as a valuable source of information for policymakers and a basis for establishing new financing schemes and joint IP support programmes within regional V4 cooperation. Improved national and regional innovation and IP policies can help increase the number of applications for IP protection filed at the national and international levels and increase innovation indicators for the V4 countries.

Entities involved in innovation and R&RD activities, universities/technology transfer offices, policymakers, organisations, and entities responsible for setting national and regional innovation policies and IP protection to get familiar with the report.


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We are happy to invite you to the final conference summing up the project „Financial incentives as a tool for improving the V4 innovation ecosystem and enhancing IP protection”. This on-line event will take place on Monday 25th of September 2023 at 13:00-16:00 CEST.

When: 25th of September 2023, 13:00-16:00 CEST
Where: online (MS Teams) (in English)
Mandatory registration: here

The event is the result of months-long work conducted in the Visegrad Group countries. Based on the analysis of national and regional financial schemes supporting innovations and IP protection, the most effective tools and sources of financing IP protection available in each of V4 countries were identified.

During the conference, members of the project will present joint recommendations regarding improvement of innovative ecosystems and strengthening actions associated with technology transfer in the V4 region. Together with the invited experts they will discuss the best practices identified during the work on the project, which in the future shall largely increase the number of applications for IP protection and innovation indicators for the V4 countries.

Conclusions included in the report shall serve as a source of information and the basis for creating common IP support programs within the V4 cooperation, which shall enable more effective IP protection and significantly influence the business image and value of companies.

The conference will take place on-line, in English.


In order to take part in the conference we encourage you to fill out
the mandatory registration form available here.

Presentations available for download!

The presentations given during the event are available for viewing and downloading below.



1:00 PM – 1:30 PM - Welcome 

  • dr Gabriela Konopka-Cupiał, Director, CTT CITTRU Jagiellonian University 
  • dr Piotr Zakrzewski, Vice President of the Polish Patent Office 
  • Krystian Gurba, “Financial incentives as a tool for improving the V4 innovation and IP protection ecosystems”, CITTRU 
  • Johanna Stadler, Director of the Visegrad Patent Institute 

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM - The role of formally granted IP rights in business strategies and innovative economies (guest speakers)

  • dr Péter Lábody, Vice-President for Legal, International and Innovation Affairs, Hungarian Intellectual Property Office 
  • Emil Zatkuliak, Head of the International Relations Department, Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic 
  • dr Lucie Zamykalová, Head of International Relations Department, Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic: IP Strategy: The Approach to Promote Industrial Property Rights 
  • Joanna Kupka, Deputy Director in the Promotion and Innovation Department, the Polish Patent Office, The role of national IP offices in promoting IP protection ("IP in your company” project)  
  • Anna Sowa-Jadczyk, Malopolska Agency for Regional Development, The role of region in providing financial schemes in IP protection  
  • Virág Halgand Dani, Head, Section for Central European and Baltic States Countries and Mediterranean Countries, Eva Stefanovska, WIPO TDC Division, WIPO Project on PCT for Universities, SMEs, Startups of V4 countries 

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM - Mapping financial incentives enhancing IP protection in V4 countries 

  • Presentation of the national report: Poland – dr hab Justyna Ożegalska-Trybalska, Krystian Gurba (Jagiellonian University) 
  • Presentation of the national report: Czechia – dr Petra Žikovská, dr Vaclav Hodonicky (Charles University in Prague) 
  • Presentation of the national report: Hungary – Neméth Gábor, Bene Tamás (University of Debrecen) 
  • Presentation of the national report: Slovakia – Lubomir Bilsky (Slovak Organization for Research and Development Activities) 
  • Joint recommendations and final results of the project – dr hab Justyna Ożegalska-Trybalska (Jagiellonian University) 

3:30 PM – 4:00 PM - Discussion 

 Conference participants are encouraged to ask questions and share their opinions

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The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

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