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Project Description


Project title: Financial incentives as a tool for improving the V4 innovation ecosystem and enhancing IP protection

Implementation period: 01/11/2022–31/10/2023

Aims and description of the project:
The project aims to identify the most effective financial tools and schemes, exchange best practices and develop recommendations for policymakers and financing organizations at the national and regional V4 level, thus supporting entities from the region in access to financing IP protection of R&D results. By identifying and optimising financial schemes available in each V4 country, the project should support companies from the region in enhancing the IP protection culture and the number of applications for IP protection filed at the national level and abroad. This should help increase the number of applications and increase innovation indicators for the V4 countries. By ensuring more effective IP protection, the companies from the region should build a more competitive position and improve their business image and value of companies. Furthermore, the recommendations arising from the project research will serve as a valuable source of information and basis for establishing joint IP support programmes within regional V4 cooperation.


The project activities include:
1.    Mapping national and regional financial schemes supporting innovations and IP protection in V4.  
2.    Identification of individual public support schemes, programs and initiatives relevant to R&D support, with a particular focus on technology transfer issues and financing IP protection and the impact of these programs;
3.    Publication of Joint recommendations for improving innovation ecosystems and enhancing technology transfer activities in the V4 region through specific V4 financial support schemes, including financial tools for obtaining IP protection at national, EU and international levels.
4.    Organisation of regional conference for V4 (September 2023) for the presentation and dissemination of project results and the discussion with policymakers and other stakeholders (SMEs, start-ups, spin-offs, and universities and other public research organizations) about the best practices that should be adapted in V4 as regard financial incentives enhancing innovation in the region and strengthening V4.


Project Coordinator
Dr hab. Justyna Ożegalska-Trybalska

Krystian Gurba